november update

So, you may be wondering, where have I been, what have I been up to…….apologies lovely people, I’ve been wandering, meandering, spiralling about a bit, like us individuals of a creative disposition are supposed to do every now and again…..unpredictably or otherwise……to experience some of the perplexities of life, serendipity or other things you might like to call it…….and that what has been going on.

For a time, I’ve had my head in my sketchbooks and nooks, working mainly on some pieces for RCA Secret Postcard auction, which I can’t actually reveal after they’ve been sold. That’s occupied a fair amount of time as I mentioned in my previous entry, I’ve had to do a lot of reworking and finalising the pieces. All of which, were worked on in A3 versions and they resketched back down to A6 postcard size, along with further adaptations in the sketching process.

I can show one of the sketch pieces that did not become a final postcard design, however, this is one…… which is still a work in progress, really. I really enjoyed the process of doing all 3 designs in my own style this time, even in those natural panic moments where you aren’t quite sure if a layout is working. It’s quite a process to be involved in, a good pressure, as you know you’re in amongst an amazing bundle of styles and wonder who might buy your cards, what drew them in (forgive the unintentional pun). I’m always curious about that, so if you do buy one of mine and maybe you can contact me on here or via the RCA.

I’ve also been away from this due to life commitments, so now I hope cross fingers and other superstitious stuff (which I don’t normally subscribe to) I am back onboard and typing and drawing my way through things…….My posts just appear as soon as I can get them on but I aim to post fairly frequently. Feel free to leave comments to. Now I think and don’t quote me on this but should also now be live so do go look, it’s always a glittering affair and an explosion on the eyes when you’re surrounded by over a 1,000 or more postcards in pretty much every media fathomable.


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