post RCA Secret

Well, its a few days after the RCA Secret and so I can now show the postcards

along with some of the larger sketch versions of them. Quite exciting as this is the first time a buyer has contacted me and I hope anyone else who bought one of my cards will do the same. Really great to have that happening as its lovely to get feedback on things you make and do. It was quite a big thing in the end this year, 2800 postcards, a trail of more than 25 tents by 6pm on the Friday 19th and a mass of big name contributors many of which came in quite last minute inc Sir Peter Blake, Yoko Ono, Stella McCartney, Chapman Bros., David Bailey in amongst the sea of imagemakers. As always a very diverse bundle of images, yet as always a few themes were clearly knocking around in people’s minds. Some quite strong ones which unusually, this year required a warning to younger visitors to the show. Even one of my postcards was placed on the top shelf!

A few of the more famous contributors chose to not disguise there stuff at all, Nick Park and Quentin Blake were amongst those.

You can now go and see all of the postcards and the artists revealed, another great year for the RCA Secret Auction and another good reason why you should support the arts too. If youve been lucky enough to buy one of the postcards from the thousands that were contributed, take a moment, pause and maybe think about contacting the artist/creator of your card. Its lovely to hear who they’ve ended up with and everything. I always wonder where they are now, ive been contributing to RCA Secret for seven years you see…..its fun to take part in……its just quite a surreal scenario when you see the shenanigans that people get up to buy them.

I’m also going to show you the a3 sketches for the postcards too as I quite like both and they took a lot of work to get finally pieces drawn from them

2 thoughts on “post RCA Secret

  1. Hi Angela

    It really was fantastic to get one of your cards this year, especially as it was on my top list of ones that I wanted 🙂 I love the saucy & cheeky nature of it – I hope you do hear from the other buyers of your cards too!

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