New pieces

This again is not really in chronolgical order but I wanted to make a new update to the site as its been quite a week and this can sometimes be my way of winding down from it all. So first of all, for Amelia’s Magazine this week I did an illustration of singer, Sue Denim….see the article here along with other illustrations


This is the final piece along with work in progress shots leading to the final drawing:

These pieces seem to evolve each time I start them, unlike many other pieces I’ve done in the past, lately I’ve taken to doing these as one off’s….they do not have planned, initial sketches and lots of working drawings….I am actively choosing to draw and go with one outline drawing and then work out what I want to do with it from there in terms of the composition, materials etc. I’ve been using posca pens, colouring pencils, and inks lately in the pieces I’ve been producing as you’ll see in my other posts. Please let me know what you think, I’m open to commisions and working with online magazines. I can generally turn over work fairly quickly and love a challenge.


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