Le Grande Update…….

It always seems to take awhile between creating new sketches, artworks etc and posting them here on the blog…….As its probably true for some of us that are newer to blogging, its trying to get the content right and display your work and I’m still attempting the balance as I go between the creative areas that I use whether its drawing, accessory making, building fascinators etc. So these posts are designed to be one big update to things that I’m doing or have done but not yet posted.

I’ve been doing a fair bundle of things recently including illustrating again for Amelia’s Magazine for London Fashion Week as well as also putting pencil to sketchpad and postcards for RCA Secret 2013 again……..There has been a long gap since the last one and I welcome the chance to take part in it again. This time will be unusual as I actually know a few of the other contributors so that should be fun although it is going to be a little harder to get to this year……Battersea……but a new venue could make for less crowded viewing and more chance to see the details of everyone’s pieces.

I’m also still customising and crafting, finally completing the fascinator I started sometime ago based on embroidery cloth of my mother’s that had not been used so I thought I’d dig it out, embroider it and add a little something to allow it to become a fascinator. I’ll post full update pictures of this piece too. I may even wear it to the RCA Secret thank you party, I will keep you posted either way when it gets its first outting


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