RCA Secret ….the return

Well, as you may or may not be aware this week (15th March) is the start of the RCA Secret Postcard Auction, it took a little pause and has been resited to the new RCA Dyson Building over in Battersea. It is also apparently celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a fundraising event for its prospective students and looks to be as busy as ever. Around 1000 artists both famous and unknown are participating and donating their handmade postcards to the auction with a whole bundle of very creatively ecclectic imagery.


I believe this may be my 8th taking part and its suprising to see what else you can discover when you go to see the pieces but always fun to play guess the artist. This year’s deadline felt very short and I felt a little out of rhythm with the normal routine of producing some ideas for final postcards as this was all taking place on a new schedule. So, I tried to think on what I would like to do…….in the past I’ve done at least one ‘homage’ postcard and then a couple of my own style but I’ve slowly filtered out the ‘homage’ postcard as this show/auction  is a great way to also showcase your own work. For as much as we may all earn a little halo for helping out new art talent through the RCA education system by helping to bursary fund such talents, we have to be honest and say that many of us also use this opportunity as gilded listing on our portfolios and CVs. Its fair to say that it does give you some responsibility on what you end up making as part of this beautiful display of mini artworks, your own peacock like dance for the public, buyers and the press……….ultimately and potentially,  your way to glimmer in a sea of paint, pencil and other daubings whilst you are part of the gallery’s wallpaper.

IMAG2203 IMAG2198

This year I’ve made three postcards, 2 are hand drawn and the 3rd is mixed media. I cant give too much away at the moment but I can show some sneaky peeks of the pieces and leave you to spot the finished pieces at the RCA Secret show. Now that I’ve seen where my pieces are I’m very pleased with their positioning and am also quite surprised at how amazingly full the gallery space was on Friday at the Artists’ Thank You Party where many of the contributors attended.


IMAG2223 IMAG2217 IMAG2201

I was also lucky enough to attend the Artists’ Thank You Party with fellow contributor, illustrator and writer, Stevyn Colgan, (http://www.colganology.blogspot.co.uk) where we chatted about the thousands of postcards, played hunt your postcard and took in the big event. Its great to know another contributor and see what they think of the whole thing. Hopefully, you can spot both of our sets of postcards and I’ll reveal them after the auction.

In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks of my pieces

brca mermrcaskullrca




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