RCA Secret …..the grande reveal……

Welcome back to the update………. after the hullabaloo of the build up, tease and crazy queues in tents at RCA comes the grande reveal of the artists involved with RCA Secret 2013. It was an amazing event again and has had great coverage as always. I’ve been lucky this year and my cards were really well placed compared with other years. Here are some of the prep sketches, final postcards and press shots……enjoy and thank you for one of my buyers for contacting me, its always great to hear from those buying your work especially when they like the piece…..with RCA Secret we only know whats happened with the postcard if buyers choose to contact the artist. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets curious about where the postcards new homes will be and twitter is helping more this year at linking buyers and artists up.

ba bb bc bd be bf merma mermb mermc mermd mermclose merme be  rcasecre rcasecreta rcasecretb rcasecretoutside rcasecretpostcard1 sku1 sku2 sku3 skuclose skurca rcacomplete

Press from RCA Secret can be found here:




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