RCA Secret 2016


It’s been awhile since I last blogged, largely because life is so busy with work and beyond that when you’re creating, you don’t necessarily want to share your creations straight away. I may not post on here terribly regularly but you can find me on a plethora of social media including Twitter, Facebook, periscope (I’ve just started to use) and others.

So I apologise but I shall try to update you on what I have created since I was last around on here.

I’m posting now, as its the point in the year that I contribute to RCA Secret and take a ride on its whirlwind. Its been an interesting time for me despite the shortened hand in deadline this year of just three weeks instead of six. I had a little bit of blank page syndrome moment when I got the official postcards and it did take awhile to get going with the sketching. I’m not the strictest of sketchbook keepers but I often jot down ideas from random conversations or weird phrases that have popped up as they can sometimes suggest unusual images to me.


I also have a big collection of referral images that I tend to look at each year . Some years I am topical with my image choices and other times I am a little surreal or humorous. This year was trickier.

One of the cards was designed just after I heard of the passing of David Bowie, a contributor and sponsor of RCA Secret on one of the first years I took part. He was a big inspiration to me as an artist, musician and a character so I decided to give my own salute to him in postcard form.

This was a direct to postcard drawing and was not pre-sketched before hand. I don’t tend to reproduce drawings exactly the same every time so I normally go with my first version in a lot of cases which makes them more unique.


I’ve been very lucky with this image.

Its been featured in multiple areas of the media and I was very honoured that it appeared in Creative Review within an article on the postcard auction. I’ve also heard since the auction started this may have sold in the first 50 postcards that went on Sunday 10 April. I am curious to find out who may have snapped this up as its always nice to know.

This is my second postcard. It’s another quick sketch but seems to be a theme that I’ve accidentally fallen into doing if you look at some of previous postcards. Its a pen and ink style piece which was always safely destined for the London RCA Secret rather than RCA Secret Dubai.


The third postcard is a little more basic but I still like it’s simplicity.My third piece went to the RCA Secret Dubai auction and was quite different to the other two. It was one of my knitted monster brooches and I thought this might be more appropriate.


It’s a salute to the crafting side of my artwork and I really like making them when I have the chance to. They are all different in their own way and evolve as I’m making them. They have also been available in the past at the Barbican’s winter fair and can be purchased via my etsy page.

As usual I took the opportunity to attend the Artist Thank You Party and had a good look at all the contributions from this year and even did a little periscope stint for the first time which you can see here via instagram:

This from my periscope at the @rcasecret thank you party part 1

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Part 2 of @rcasecret thank you party

A post shared by Angela Lamb (@angiplamb) on

Part 3 of @rcasecret thank you party

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The crazy busy-ness once everyone starts to arrive at @rcasecret

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@rcasecret party in slow mo

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Here are the postcards in situ:

This year felt a little different to previous RCA Secret’s, not sure if it was because the hand in for postcards was shorter, the venue was back to being the Kensington site or just how I feel generally as an artist and what I want to do to make my work progress. I think maybe its finally getting a glimpse of publicity this year means that I want to try and make the most it. So, this year I’m hoping I can carry the momentum and maybe try to add some more projects to my portfolio even if this means more postcard auction events or similar. Please feel free to approach me if you like my work.


Like every year themes occur, I’ve not known whether this is accidental or whether a few of those contributing discuss and plan between them what they will design as a collective. There were clearly some themes that were popular for an obvious reason, the first being David Bowie related and the second which is always popular, skulls.


As I didn’t write about RCA Secret last year, I thought I’d share my contributions for last year:

The first three were contributions to RCA Secret (London) and the knitted monster was featured at RCA Secret Dubai.



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