About Me

Ive always been into creating stuff and started to really take an interest in art at junior and secondary school. Since that, I went onto to do Foundation and degree studies, I have my degree spread between 2 colleges – Kent Institute of Art &Design and West Herts College. At KIAD, I started my initial part of my degree in Visual Communication including Time-based media and Combined Studies, I then later completed my degree at West Herts College due to a change in circumstance. My actual degree is BA Hons in Imagemaking, I have a mixture of fine art, photography, illustration and craft skills and love getting the chance to use all of them in the work I do.

I have been regularly taking part in RCA Secret Postcard Auction for the past 7 years or so, its always been quite a playful project to be involved with as many of the participants will disguise their styles and often come up with humorous topical pieces. I am looking to do more projects and would love to find an agent or someone to promote my work as I also do craft pieces, some of which have been at the Barbican Winter Shop.

More recently I’ve started to take part in illustration callouts and similar short projects with Amelia’s Magazine http://www.ameliasmagazine.com  pieces to accompany articles for London Fashion Week. I am actively trying to take part projects as I’m still new this world of freelance illustration/art. Please feel free to contact me if you like my work and like to request a commision, I would love the opportunity and experience.


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