Just to explain as this is new to the blog, as well as making art I also have several other creative avenues that pursue. Up until today, 27 July 2017, I had planned to run a separate area for my crafting but now I realise it needs to all come together in one comprehensive place to make it more efficient for both myself and my audience. This will take a little time to redevelop but I think this the perfect time to showcase all of my diverse work and styles…… it may start initially a little bumpy like a waltzer ride but I think if you can hold out for the changes it will be worth it.

This was a work in progress post from a piece I completed awhile ago and I will admit it took me some time to finish as I’d possibly been a bit diverted by life, drawing and beyond. This is a medium sized round fascinator, it was based around some found/inherited embroidery fabric tablecloth which was formerly owned by my mother. I’ve been wanting to use for some time so I finally took the opportunity. I’ve not really done that much embroidery previously it should be noted, so this is a little ambitious as first piece. I hope you like it though as I am looking forward to finally wearing it in the next few weeks *fingers crossed*.